Fidelity Bloom App: 4.98% APY Money Market and 10 Cents per Debit Transaction

Available Nationwide

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  1. No monthly fees.
  2. 10-cent reward per debit card swipe (no minimum required).
  3. “Spend” and “Save” accounts are both 4.98% APY money market accounts.
  4. 10% deposit match each year (maximum $30).
  5. 15-transaction daily limit for the Fidelity Bloom debit card.
  6. Accounts must be managed within the Fidelity Bloom app.


Currently not offering a sign-up bonus, unfortunately. However, Fidelity Bloom does offer an annual 10% deposit match of up to $30, and the 10-cent reward per swipe makes it a strong earner for small purchases.


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